Trauma Counselling

“The single most important issue for traumatised people, is to find a sense of safety in their own bodies” Bessel van der Kolk

When we talk about trauma, its usually about significant traumatic events that leave you feeling shocked, disoriented, and distressed. 

These traumatic events could be a one-off natural disaster, accident, illness, abuse, assault or be about prolonged abuse/upsetting incidents over many years.  

How a traumatic event affects each person is different and their ability to recover from it, however there is a very common statement that I hear often, of “my world was turned upside down”. 

Most people feel helpless and vulnerable following a traumatic event, their sense of safety and autonomy in the world has changed.  

A traumatic event can leave you feeling overwhelmed, irritable, fearful, shaky, on edge, difficulty concentrating, sleeping, experiencing intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, fatigued with an urge to withdraw from the world and your support system.

You might find you have suddenly lost interest in your normal every day activities and interests, that the smallest tasks are a struggle.

Some people find themselves turning to alcohol, drugs/sex/gambling to cope with the intense feelings and sensations in their body as a way to forget and escape for a few hours.

In time, these coping mechanisms become problematic too.

At Misneach Counselling we can work together to: 

Make sense of what has happened to you from your perspective 

Identify how it has impacted your sense of self, your sense of safety and your world 

Learn about how trauma effects your brain and how your body responds to situations as a result 

Develop techniques and strategies to suit your uniqueness and lifestyle  

Better manage your emotions & triggers to change your behaviour to cope with everyday life  

Become more compassionately aware of yourself after a trauma 

All enquiries private & confidential.