"Courage To Push Forward
Through Uncertainty"

A very warm welcome to Misneach
(mish-nok) Counselling & Psychotherapy Service based in the centre of Ireland.

Counselling (talk therapy) is more widely accepted today as a valuable form of help, not only for people in distress but for people with a general sense of unhappiness/discontent with their life.

I often hear clients say, “they feel damaged, scarred, broken or changed”. Some clients do not know why they feel like this, while others share a significant & sometimes traumatic event, that has happened in their life. This may lead to a sense of loss and feeling alone in the world, without direction. It can feel like you are going through the motions every day but not really feeling in control of your life, thinking you “should” be able to manage, do more, and continue on like nothing is wrong.

Contrary to the popular belief of counselling, it isn’t about me telling you what to do, rather I will work with you in a psychodynamic approach, which looks at past experiences that may have influenced and shaped your personality. Many childhood experiences are the source of problems in adulthood, unknownst to us. These past experiences can powerfully impact how we think, feel and behave in the world as adults.

I see counselling as a journey of self-discovery, where you can regain a sense of being in control, of feeling empowered to make your own choices and informed decisions, to develop your true sense of identity, of being unique, of mattering and of feeling connected. To discover your wants, needs and greatest desires.

Misneach means “Courage”; the courage to push forward through uncertainty and at times, the painful process of revealing your pain and struggles.

All enquires are private and confidential.

“The quality of your life, ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships” - Esther Perel