Adult Counselling

“There is an authentic self. We are born with it. Under the influence of immature parenting, we lose contact with it…..rediscovery of the authentic self is what recovery is all about” Pia Mellody

At various stages in our lives, we all need a little help addressing some problems and issues that cause us emotional distress or can make us feel overwhelmed. Unfortunately, there is still resistance from people to make that first phone call or email. Some believe they are not “bad or desperate enough” to justify asking for help.  

If your tooth ached, wouldn’t you ring your dentist? This is the same for your mind, if your thoughts are troubling you, you can contact me. I will explain everything to you at our first session, afterwards you can take time to decide what you would like to do. 

Here are some common concerns of adults that come to therapy;  

relationship issues (toxic/abusive), childhood sexual abuse, trauma, abortion, low self-esteem/confidence, poor body image, work related stress, grief & loss, separation/divorce, sexual dissatisfaction, stress and anxiety. 

Together, we can explore your past experiences, identify how these have impacted you and find a way forward that suits your uniqueness and lifestyle.  

At Misneach Counselling & Psychotherapy, I am passionate about providing an opportunity for you to experience a professional & ethical encounter of being;  

Heard, Seen, Believed, Respected, Supported & Understood, in a safe, non-judgemental and compassionate space. 

Some benefits of attending Misneach Counselling & Psychotherapy Service: 

Regaining emotional balance through regulation and breathing techniques 

Greater self-confidence, self-esteem and body image  

Better relationships through assertive communication & boundaries  

Less stress and anxiety through management and education of brain/body responses  

Recovery and healing from past trauma 

All enquires private & confidential.