Irish Enterprise Award Winning Counsellor 2022

“Most Client Focused Counsellor –  Midlands”

My name is Anita Lynch, I am a psychotherapist running my own private practice in the Midlands.

I am originally from Co Limerick, however, Co Westmeath became my home back in 2006.  I have also lived and studied in Perth, Western Australia for 5 years, and returned home with my two daughters in 2017.

Whilst working in two community organizations in Australia, I dreamt of opening my own private practice. Being away from home, with the pull of connection to land and our rich culture, I wanted the name of my practice to reflect my origins. During this time of research, a member of my family came across the Gaelic word “Misneach”, meaning Courage. You can see the spelling of Misneach with the Ogham alphabet on my logo.

I believe it takes huge courage to make that first phone call and attend that first counselling appointment and to continue the journey of self-discovery, despite the uncertainty and at times painful process of revealing one’s trauma/struggles to repair and heal. Therefore, I found this name to be very fitting in not only in representing my origins to home but also in representing the process of counselling and psychotherapy.

I specialize in helping Adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trauma recover and heal, so they can go on to live full and more meaningful lives and not be haunted by their abusive experiences forever.

I work with Couples experiencing relationship issues, infidelity, sexual dissatisfaction, parenting, separation/divorce, work stress (to name a few).

I also work with teenagers experiencing bullying, low self-esteem, confidence, poor body image, sexuality, exam stress management and parental/home/school conflict.

I pride myself on being honest, direct and openminded with plenty of humour. I am passionate about providing a professional and ethical experience for clients.

I look forward to welcoming you to your first session and journeying alongside you.

Approved and registered Therapist for Tulsa (State Child & Family Agency)

Approved and registered Therapist for Laya Healthcare

Affiliate with Spectrum Life, providing EAP counselling nationwide

Master’s Level 9 Degree in Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy 2021-23

Bachelor of Counselling Degree 2015 - Fremantle, Western Australia

The Gerty Ewen Award 2015, University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, WA

Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1, The Gottman Institute 2020