Creating & Managing The Administration System of Your Private Practice


Are you a feeling bogged down with the paperwork of your private practice?

Do you find all the different apps, software applications and payment systems mind boggling? I did too!

Then this is the workshop for you!

I will show you a simple, efficient and cost effective way to create a system that helps you streamline your practice without 10 different subscriptions.

This workshop covers an overview of creating a simple system for :

  • Client bookings
  • Waiting lists
  • Client Contracts/Agreements
  • Intake assessments
  • Clinical note taking and storing
  • Payments with invoicing/receipts
  • Cancellation policies
  • GDPR log
  • Yearly accounts

Using Microsoft Office Business software & Sumup Payment System.

Templates will be provided, which you can tailor to your own private practice.

Links to additional resources will be made available for your own business development.

This will be a live, online engaging workshop with slides and plenty of tips and advice.

So, bring your dilemmas, curiosity & make yourself a cuppa, while we delve into taking the stress out of creating & managing the administration system of your private practice.

Looking forward to seeing you all. Anita x

“Misneach” means Courage, Courage to push forward through uncertainty.