Couples Counselling

 “The concept of two people living together for 25 years without a serious dispute suggests a lack of spirit only to be admired in sheep". A.P. Herbert.”

The intimacies of a couple relationship are some of the last things people want to discuss.

Couples are frequently quite distressed and near breaking point when they arrive for counselling.

Some of the most common issues are: 
– Communication
– Infidelity
– Addiction
– Sexual Dissatisfaction
– Parenting Styles
– Separation or Divorce Navigation  

“An affair simply alerts us to a pre-existing condition, either a troubled relationship or a troubled person” Esther Perel

Being in a couple is a unique relationship that can offer the deepest experience of intimacy, of friendship, of comfort as well as the greatest sense of hurt and betrayal. It is real, they know the best of you, and they know the worst of you.  ​Its failure can cause wounds that take years to heal, and few other relationships have as much power to challenge us and cause us such anguish.  ​Becoming a couple means merging two sets of perspectives, histories, values and worldviews and everything needs to be negotiated.  ​A couple relationship forces you to confront differences so that you can live together and maintain your individuality but also have the ability to put your individuality aside for the good of the couple relationship – both giving and receiving, or resentment can emerge.  ​Becoming a couple is one of the most difficult and complex tasks of adulthood but is often portrayed as the easiest and most romantic stage of the life cycle.  ​In reality, it is a time of transition to a new life stage – whether it’s your first serious relationship, long term partnership or second marriage – it requires new goals, new rules and a different family structure. 

“If we can help heal the breach in a couple’s relationship and help it function properly, we can improve their happiness as individuals and potentially bring peace to a wider group – their children and families – Long & Young.” 

Couple’s counselling can help couples:​ 

  • Improve their ability to communicate
  • Solve problems with less blaming
  • Address the sharing of tasks/roles/expectations
  • Become more intimate and affectionate
  • Become more self aware
  • Navigate separation/divorce/blended families          

Late evening appointments on request for couples. All enquiries are private and confidential.