We spend on average 8 hours per day, 5 days per week in close proximity with our colleagues.

Some workplaces have a great environment and positive work culture.

However, when we find ourselves in a toxic workplace or trying to manage a toxic colleague, it can have a serious impact on our own mental and physical health. 

For employers it can lead to a high turnover of staff, staff shortages, poor work performances & concern for staff mental health.

I have presented to SME’s in Australia about educating employers and employees about incivility (Toxic Behaviour) in the workplace.

This workshop covers the following topics:

Training 2
Toxic Workplace
  • What is incivility in the workplace
  • How to identify toxic behaviour
  • Awareness of personal triggers & emotion regulation
  • Impact on your mental/physical health and personal life
  • How to address toxic colleagues
  • Professional boundaries and work ethic 
  • How company policy and procedures can protect you and assist you in these situations
  • Conflict Resolution Skills 
  • Practical Supports for work/life balance


​At the end of this workshop, you will have the information and tools to assist you with conflict resolution and know how to address a toxic environment and grow a positive workplace culture.

Please allow 2 hours for this interactive, informative, and supportive workshop.

To register your interest in this upcoming workshop for 2022 or make enquiries on behalf of your company, please click the link.