Childhood Sexual Abuse

“Ignoring the pain actually deepens it. What is hidden from sight, often increases in intensity” Mark Wolynn

Childhood sexual abuse is amongst the most traumatizing acts of violence and violation against a child. Many children simply do not understand what has happened to them and the memories are often repressed until later in life. Childhood sexual abuse can have a huge impact on your mental and physical health.

Many survivors do not like to talk about it because they were made to believe the sexual abuse was their own fault or may have been convinced by the abuser that it was “normal” or “their special secret” or they feared the consequences for other family members.

As a child you may have become withdrawn, clingy, aggressive, experienced bedwetting and difficulties sleeping.

As a teenager, you may have struggled with school, poor concentration, dropped out early, found yourself in risky situations involving alcohol/drugs and inappropriate sexual behaviours/multiple partners as a result of being sexualised at an early age.

“Ignoring the pain actually deepens it. What is hidden from sight, often increases in intensity” Mark Wolynn

As an adult, the effects are varied, complex and often devastating. You may be more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, PSTD, self-harm, suicide, addiction and sexual dysfunction.

You may feel ashamed, fear people might find out and not believe you, guilt that you “let it” happen, humiliation of the acts performed, self-blame, intrusive thoughts and flashbacks.

Many adults are left confused about their sexuality as any form of stimulation would have caused your body to function e.g., erection/orgasm.

Counselling for childhood sexual abuse is a difficult yet courageous process in revealing your painful memories. It requires you to dig into the wounded parts of you, but it is necessary in order to heal and recover.

At Misneach Counselling I will journey alongside you, providing a safe, understanding space for you to share your experience, so you can:

Learn new ways to cope with everyday life using a variety of self-care strategies

Identify, express and manage your intense and difficult emotions, thoughts and behaviours

Face your fears and distorted beliefs around intimacy, sex, sexuality and bodily functions

Improve your relationships through assertive communication and clear boundaries

Gain a new perspective on life and your future, embracing hope and healing

Take back your power, develop a new sense of self, become empowered and achieve a level of liberation and peace

Misneach means Courage, Courage to push forward, through uncertainty.